Has God forgotten me?

Do you ever feel God has abandoned you? no matter how hard you pray seems like nothing happened?

I once heard an old song, and it goes like this:

I will never forget you my people

I have crafted you on the palm of My Hands

I will never forget you

I will not leave you orphan

I will never forget My own

Does a mother forget her baby?

or a woman the child within her womb

Yet even if these forget

Yes even if these forget

I will never forget my own

taken from Isa 49:14-16




2 thoughts on “Has God forgotten me?

    • lucyanaalim says:

      Have you try to enter His rest? in the midst of the storm you’re facing? have you come as He said in Matt 11:28-30? or are you trying to figure everything out by yourself, try to figure why is this happening to me? try to understand His ways of doing things, instead of listening to His “counsel” and do only what He says needs to be done?
      I encourage you to seek Him, seek His Words, what He “actually” says about you in His Words, and not letting your feelings or thoughts hinder you from the “Truth”!^^ GLUSM

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