God’s Presence or God’s Present?

There are moments when we feel like something is missing even though we have our needs fulfilled. We witness how God has blessed our life, how our prayers granted, we still have family, friends, we took vacations, etc. yet, we feel we need something more, beyond those earthly things. And what is that? We can’t even figure out!!!

More overwhelming is the answer. It is not too far for us to reach, yet a deeper look at our soul is essential. We need God, whether we like that fact or not. We’re just human beings; we are creation, not the Creator. And our Creator created us so that we always have a need in our soul only He can fulfill. If we look for something other than God to fill that space, we’ll be disappointed.

Remember those times we spent with someone we love? We don’t need the person to do something for us, we don’t need their presents, we just need them to be PRESENT, we need their PRESENCE.

The same for God, He created us the need to enjoy Him thoroughly, overlooking His blessings, His gifts. Many people are only interested in what can God do for them, that’s why no matter what their accomplishment in life, something’s quite not right. Actually we long to know who He really is, not just what God can do for us. How do you approach God in your prayer life? “Lord please gives me this, Lord please blesses me on this subject, Lord I really need Your help, don’t You know that I really need this?”

Our Father in heaven knows what we need, even before we spoke it (Mat 6:8). Make a decision to seek His presence more than anything in our life and we’ll never feel incomplete anymore.



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