Praise Moves – Christian Alternative to yoga

I would like to share this site to you guys, this is a very terrific site. WHY?

Do you know that Yoga is some kind of hinduism missionary act? Yoga isn’t just about moving your body, improving your flexibility, enhancing your blood flow etc etc. But actually, Yoga also teach you to its supreme purpose, to unite with the highest Hindu God Brahman. I’m not a fan of Yoga, but I do some kind of the moves, and combine if with Pilates moves (I’m a huge fan of Pilates workout) with innocent purpose for healthy living, just like others have been doing so. but later on, when I look at the name of yoga’s moves, for me it’s kinda terrifying.

for example, one of the simple moves for beginners in Yoga called Sun salutation. I don’t want to be rude or anything, but for Christian (I’m a Christian), the Holy Bible has said that God despise people who bow down to sun, moon, etc etc. For He is the One who should be worshiped, and only Him, no one else.

So I want to suggest this kind of alternative to Yoga for all my brothers and sisters out there, its called Praise Moves. These moves have been developed by Laurette Willis, and as far as I have read about her, she’s been practicing Yoga for more than 20 years, and follow all of it’s ritual such as taoism, universalism, tarot cards, etc etc, but then when she has found Jesus, she repented, and never again she did those things she had been doing before.

until one day, a thought popped out of her mind ” what if that “yoga moves” can be changed somehow, and being developed for His Glory?” Then she prayed and prayed and somehow God gives her the chance, the power, the ability to do so, and He grant her A FITNESS MINISTRY. isnt that great? Yes our God is great

so in this Praise Moves, you will learn how to transform your workout into worship. Instead of following some kind of New Age concept, which is misleading, why don’t us try this kind of workout worship?


Last but not least,


So our body is not ourselves, it is His, therefore we should honor Him, in our deeds, in our words, also in our workouts. ^^

God bless


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