God of second chances (English version)

Let’s run and leave all the burden that continues to hinder us …

no matter what we have made in the past, actually God is ever ready to forgive us and give us a whole new beginning, and he was so eager to deliver us from all the things that still bind us to fully living the real life within Him. He is not a god who said: okay now that you have made so many sin, its impossible for you to change, and I am so fed up with you, do not ever get close to me again! NO, He is the One who said: a drooping reed would not be broken

but we need to realize there is a false paradigm that has dwell inside our community for so long, and that’s what is hindering us to be all God wants us to be, what is it?

we often see people came back from deliverance retreat, and not merely one week passed the person still feel guilty about what should had been “delivered” in the service before. then they started to think “Have I really delivered by God? why is this feeling keep bothering me? why is this addiction still haunting me? why does it seems that I couldn’t let go of my past?”

this in one of the devil trick and we need to know the truth to resist him! we are an individual made from: spirit, soul, and body. at the time of the deliverance, our spirit REALLY IS RELIEVED/ DELIVERED, but we must also know that we have souls, and that souls need to be disciplined, need to be fed by what God NOW SAYS about you, not on what you still feels right now! every time the devil tries to intimidate us, we need to DECLARE OUR FAITH, we need VISION that is GOD’S kind. so be a creative!

lets say for example: you are obese, and you really fed up with your binge attitude, after you came back from being delivered by His Spirit, right now, every time you see food, and you feel the tendency to over eat, and the binge attitude to relapse, you need to say to yourself: NO I am not going to lose, I know that I have been redeemed by His blood, I know that I am not in a bondage anymore, I am free to be what God wants me to be, and that’s not to be obese! but to have a healthy lifestyle, i am to glorify Him with my body for He the Owner of my spirit, soul, AND my body!” after that you can try to find any “ideal” body shape picture, the one that you’ve been longing to have, and just cut their faces, then put yours (i know this is kinda freak, but I believe our souls need to have a vision in order for it to grow, to be disciplined).

the secondthing we also need to do is to sort our inner circle. the one that we spend most of our time, talk about our life, the one that is closest to us. dont waste your time with someone who always steals your joy, the one who keeps complaining about things around him. i dont mean to make them enemies, or exclude them from the community or what, but its just about building your souls UP, NOT dragging it DOWN. if you spend too much time with someone who keeps make you down, soon enough you will find that your mood also down, right? so make a good choice

but then, this question raise up: why do i need to discipline my soul? why do I need to pick the right inner circle for me? the answer would be: to finish your race! to finish what God has laid out before you!

are you going to be happy if someday you live in heaven and you find out that you live in a small, but cozy house. then you see another house, bigger, greater, and more luxurious than the one that you’re staying at that time. then you ask an angel: mr. angel, whose does that big house belong to? and the angel, tries to avoid your question, like talking about anything else because it seems like he doesnt want to hurt your feelings. yet, you keep pestering him until he finally show you, whose house it is, then you see YOUR name in the front of the house, but a BIG X was also in it. do you get what I mean?

it WAS suppose to be yours, but because you settle for less, because you refuse to discipline your soul, because you dont choose the right inner circle, because you keep entertaining your sin, you dont want to step out of that comfort zone….. what is actually rightfully yours is now given to somebody else

do you want that? well, I’m not

Phil 3:13-14 tells us to leave what is behind and keep pressing forward to the goal in front of us

Heb 12:1 said that

We are like relay runners, and we actually ARE the LAST relay runners. All of our predecessors, martyr, prophet, apostle, evangelist have run so much, risking all they got to ran. are we going to make their sacrifice end in vain? are we going to be ” as slow as possible”? run a jogging? or are we going to run with all our might?

we shouldnt be like a baby who only want to always be pampered, always being spoiled, NO we have to be mature, because the time is near. God is ever ready to take us to soar with Him, but we need to get ourselves ready, so that we get to the finish line the Lord has set, and achieved all that God has grant us to have.

Amen. its all by his Grace we can!


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