Quiet time

I just want to share my experience about how can we refresh our souls after being in a very tiring day, which is defined as the day full of annoying stuffs, people, etc, or the busy day, or any day that left us feeling drained and lost our joy (just see this like you put some frown instead of smile in your face).

at least in my experience, I always find a place to confide in God’s presence. I know it’s sound too abstract, or too spiritual for some people, but wait until you get the taste of being in God presence, and let Him soothes you with His love, His assurance, His almighty power, His glory. When I got to REST in HIS presence, my annoyance suddenly banished, I feel energized again, my soul being refreshed by the spring of His Word, and as we know that our thoughts can determine our feelings, and our feelings actually will shape our attitude. You can’t have a good and pleasant attitude when your thought isn’t right? Wouldn’t you agree?

My hospital shift quiet time


This is a photo I took yesterday, when I was having two shift at one in the hospital. It has been awesomely tiring and annoying day, with so many complaints, calls, and hectic stuffs. Finally when I got my time to breathe (very hyperbolic, >< sorry, teehee) I remembered I haven’t finished reading my part of Bible study that day, then I decided to read it, and turned out that it was the most valuable thing to do when you feel so drained, like the life is just sucked up from your souls, then come rest in His presence, just like Jesus said in Matt 11:28

Matthew 11.28

Go find Him in His sanctuary, hear what He wants to tell you, do what He wants you to do, shake off those unnecessary loads and trust Him to do HIS PART of the story.

God bless!



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