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Be agressive in helping! That a reminder as we are blessed to bless others❤️. A water pit which constantly distributing water NEVER RUNS DRY!

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He is the God of many chances

You can begin again!

Mind's Seat

Life is like a camera

I feel a strong calling in my spirit today to share a message of love from God’s heart to yours. Like a camera, your Lord gives you more than one shot to come to Him and change your life. We often hear that everyone deserves a second chance. That is human love.The love that God puts in us is far more powerful than that. He forgives us of all the awful things we have done in our life, that we still remain ashamed of. Why? Because God loves us far more than we love ourselves. He wants only the best for us.

Think of all of the characters of the Bible God gave another chance to. Peter denied knowing Christ three times (Matth. 26:34,Luke 22:34, John 13:38). Thomas had to see , feel the nail marks in Christ’s hands and touch His side before he believed (John 20:24-29).  Saul,  a persecutor…

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Review: Real Techniques Core collection brush

Yayyy, finally back!

Are you guys having a wonderful week? Mine is. Hehe
Today I want to do a review on my newest brushes collection, which are the real techniques brushes. And I have to say, I totally recommend them.

I own the core collection, expert face brush and the blush brush, and they are pretty awesome! ( i will review the expert and blush brush in the next post)

First the core collection brush.
This set is a must have brush for daily face makeup routine, i would say. Why? You will see it in a second!

This set contains 4 brushes, they are:
1. The buffing brush

-dense bristles
– multi purpose: i use this for powder/liquid foundation and you can also use it for cream foundation, but need quite a work to make them streak free and give the airbrush finish. Since this brush is also good with powder based products, I also use them for my finishing powder, which I will just kind of stippling them to my skin after swirling and tapping all the excess powder. It works wonder, in my opinion.

How about blush or bronzing? Yes you can use it for that purpose too, and for me I use it in a stippling motion, to avoid having too many products on my face? But its still a very versatile brush which I definitely will grab when I travel and dont want to bring enormous stuff? Keep it simple, right?

2. The detailer brush

The smallest one in this set, it is very useful, i use it for adding some concealer to spot my acne, or applying more to cover the redness behind my nostrils, and finally just blend it with my fingers.
You can also use this for lipstick. Its sturdy so its easy to shape your lips using this brush, yet they are also quite flexible if you want to make a curve. So it depends on your preference

3. Pointed foundation brush
This! i use this to put concealer under my eyes to create a kim kardashian look, or I can use this for larger part I want to conceal. But I never use this for foundation, they are too small, and the result still needs to be blended with clean fingers….
But all in all its also a very multifunctional brush

4. Contouring brush
Love it! Perfect bristles! Perfect shape! Perfect amount!
Do you love to contour! This brush is for you! Precise, not overboard, yet still can blend the product easily to your foundation, powder, anything….
Definitely must try if I can’t sat you must have it!

One more thing! I love the packaging, which as the pic displays, very comfortable for traveling, also you can flip it so to have a standing make up brush holder. Very multitasking!

So thats my views about this set and I love them. i would like to know what’s yours? Do you feel the same, or you feel nayyyy?

Feel free to leave a comment, or give me suggestions, or anything! Haha

Hope this is helpful and see you later!
God bless






What’s in my purse?

Hello guys, today I want to share what’s in my purse topic. Like many of the girls out there, we need some “weapons” to go and face our day right?
So here’s mine




Haha so actually there are two sections, the first (smaller) part I put (almost) all my eye makeups there and some lippy products…
They are:
3 types of eyeliner, depend on what look I am going to wear
1. Original Goodbye eyepender Vov liquid liner
2. Face it extreme bold pen eyeliner (the face shop)
3. Proof 10 retractable pen liner (etude house)

One eye primer: proof 10 eye primer (etude house)

3 lip glosses:
1. The face shop (the swirling lollipop tube)
2. The body shop peppermint lipgloss tube
3. Kissful tint choux number 04 by etude (love this! With the sweet flavour when u apply this baby!)

2 eyeshadow pen:
1. Nyx jumbo eye pencil in dark brown
2. Line nuance duo etude house number ?

One stick concealer: suprise stick concealer (etude house)
Nyx Auto eyebrow pencil

And ofcourse my oil absorbing paper ^^ which i seldom use coz my skin isnt oily, buttt who knows? Right? So bring it anyway. Hahaha

The lower part( bigger), I usually put some larger makeup products and accesories in there, so as you can see, i have my

2 maybelline color sensational in pink peony and nude colour
One lip balm from soothe
One handy comb from the body shop
My” angel” travel size from Thierry Mugler (love it to the max!)
One eyeshadow base from etude (a bit out of place, but welll, ahhaha)
neostrata ultra daytime smoothing cream ( I only use this when I’m traveling and in a hurry so I cant grab my odbo essence, just to moisturize my skin before any makeup on)
Dream on compact powder (etude house)
Lovely cookie blusher (etude house)
Small “panda” mirror
Tapered brush (masami shouko)
Maybelline eye and lip makeup remover



So that’s my “weapons” for daily basis, I would like to know what’s yours and your comments! Hehehe

So long! See you! And God bless!


Insecurity attack? What to do?

Make a careful exploration of who you are and the work you have been given, and then sink yourself into that. Don’t be impressed with yourself. Don’t compare yourself with others. Each of you must take responsibility for doing the creative best you can with your own life. (Galatians 6:4, 5 MSG)

But let every person carefully scrutinize and examine and test his own conduct and his own work. He can then have the personal satisfaction and joy of doing something commendable [in itself alone] without [resorting to] boastful comparison with his neighbor. For every person will have to bear (be equal to understanding and calmly receive) his own [little] load [of oppressive faults]. (Galatians 6:4, 5 AMP)

We’re not, understand, putting ourselves in a league with those who boast that they’re our superiors. We wouldn’t dare do that. But in all this comparing and grading and competing, they quite miss the point. We aren’t making outrageous claims here. We’re sticking to the limits of what God has set for us. But there can be no question that those limits reach to and include you. We’re not moving into someone else’s “territory.” We were already there with you, weren’t we? We were the first ones to get there with the Message of Christ, right? So how can there be any question of overstepping our bounds by writing or visiting you? (2 Corinthians 10:12-14 MSG)

Have you ever feel insecure? What did you do then? Trying to do more? Trying to be more like others? Or are you focusing on what you have been given and take responsibility to do your creative best with your own life, without comparing yourselves with others?

I encourage you to receive this awesomely freeing Truth!

Then Jesus turned to the Jews who had claimed to believe in him. “If you stick with this, living out what I tell you, you are my disciples for sure. Then you will experience for yourselves the truth, and the truth will free you.” (John 8:31, 32 MSG)

We won’t let our souls be burdened and bound with any useless things anymore right?

What is your story? And what did you do to overcome them? I would like to listen to them

Have a blessed day!




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I am ALIVE, are you?

Now if we have died with Christ, we believe that we shall also live with Him, Because we know that Christ (the Anointed One), being once raised from the dead, will never die again; death no longer has power over Him.
For by the death He died, He died to sin [ending His relation to it] once for all; and the life that He lives, He is living to God [in unbroken fellowship with Him].
Even so consider yourselves also dead to sin and your relation to it broken, but alive to God [living in unbroken fellowship with Him] in Christ Jesus.
Let not sin therefore rule as king in your mortal (short-lived, perishable) bodies, to make you yield to its cravings and be subject to its lusts and evil passions.
Do not continue offering or yielding your bodily members [and faculties] to sin as instruments (tools) of wickedness. But offer and yield yourselves to God as though you have been raised from the dead to [perpetual] life, and your bodily members [and faculties] to God, presenting them as implements of righteousness. For sin shall not [any longer] exert dominion over you, since now you are not under Law [as slaves], but under grace [as subjects of God’s favor and mercy]. (Romans 6:8-14 AMP)

I am no longer subject to sin and its consequences for Jesus has ransomed me, therefore…

Your life is a journey you must travel with a deep consciousness of God. It cost God plenty to get you out of that dead-end, empty-headed life you grew up in. He paid with Christ’s sacred blood, you know. He died like an unblemished, sacrificial lamb. And this was no afterthought. Even though it has only lately—at the end of the ages—become public knowledge, God always knew he was going to do this for you. It’s because of this sacrificed Messiah, whom God then raised from the dead and glorified, that you trust God, that you know you have a future in God. (1 Peter 1:18-21 MSG)

I am a new creation! Given a second chance! And decide by the grace of God in Christ Jesus, that I won’t live my life unworthy of Christ sacrifice ever more.

How about you? Would you like to believe and be saved? Do you want to REALLY ALIVE, not just barely exist?
I invite you to pray this prayer: Lord Jesus, i am a sinner, i know I’m not worthy for Your sacrifice, and I cannot save myself, i need You. Come Lord Jesus, into my heart, be my only Lord and Savior. I receive Your grace and Salvation in Your Name. Amen

If you truly from your heart pray this prayer, congrats! Your life is with Him now, and you definitely have a future in God!

Thank You Jesus, where would I be if not for Your grace…

God bless





Saved by Grace to do the Work, not vice versa

For it is by free grace (God’s unmerited favor) that you are saved (delivered from judgment and made partakers of Christ’s salvation) through [your] faith.

And this [salvation] is not of yourselves [of your own doing, it came not through your own striving], but it is the gift of God; Not because of works [not the fulfillment of the Law’s demands], lest any man should boast. [It is not the result of what anyone can possibly do, so no one can pride himself in it or take glory to himself.]

For we are God’s [own] handiwork (His workmanship), recreated in Christ Jesus, [born anew] that we may do those good works which God predestined (planned beforehand) for us [taking paths which He prepared ahead of time], that we should walk in them [living the good life which He prearranged and made ready for us to live]. (Ephesians 2:8-10 AMP)

We are saved by grace through faith to do the works, to live a life worthy of Jesus sacrifice!
We do good because of love and gratefulness, not subject to fear and condemnation