Review: Goodbye Eyepender Original VOV liquid eyeliner

Hey guys, this is my first posting about make up. I’ve been a fan of make up for quite a long time but haven’t got any courage to post what i thought about them, but this first step always take the most courage right? So as ive been told to do it afraid, then so it goes.

So this is my most fav eyeliner recently
I have a typical asian face, monolid eyes and trying so hard to find the best eyeliner that suites this kind of eyes. I’ve tried pencil liner, gel liner, and pen eyeliner but none of them suit my desire of having the perfect liner. I am going to post more of eye liner later if this post is helpful. But okay lets get to the point
This eyeliner comes in like typical eyeliner packaging, with tube and brush as you can see in the pic below. Actually I prefer this kind of packaging rather than the felt tip one coz the latter dry very quickly and i have to keep shaking the pen just to get the bold, typical black lining we always want to have, right?
And also this type of eyeliner, you can always dip the brush to the tube and get the custom amount you wish to apply
What so special for me is the brush, and ofcourse the quality of the eyeliner itself
The brush is not so thin like most of the nyx liquid liner have, if you are like me and want to enhance our monolid eyes, we need to apply them like the kpop artist does, the bold type one right? Because applying such a thin line wont make any difference…. As always, and vov has done a great job making their brush not soo thick like nyx big fat marker (the one that looks like spidol for whiteboard) but not too thin like many eyeliner product. They areeee, if i can say moderate, yes it is! It’s just FIT!
And the quality of the liquid liner, they are so fluid, no clogging even when you put them in AC or room temperature (not like my etude house dr.lash essence liner, which start to clog and harsh to apply), and no SMUDGING EVEN WHEN I SLEEP WITH IT!
Gosh I never found eyeliner like this
With monolid eyes I found that even the quickest gel eyeliner to dry (like tony moly gel eyeliner) is still produce smudge under eyes and i do look like a panda after 5-6hours wearing it, ughhhh! Anddd not to mention the pencil liner or the pen type eyeliner, they just create a big mess no matter how “waterproof” labeled on the product( well at least for eyes like me) but Not with this vov goodbye eyepender, i can literally use them for 24 hours, yes I’ve tried them when I travel by plane and have to slept over the night and then continuing the journey for the day after without any time to bath(okay that’s not nice, but i have to packed my schedule so everything can be done in time)
I can only wash my face without disrupting my eyemakeup, put a layer of bb cream and went on (haven’t i told u guys that they are also waterproof PROVED?)
The eyeliner sits there without “sprinkling” if thats explain? Okay they started to break a bit, but thats really minor, just small dots on my cheek at the end of the evening? And thats totally fine, right?

So that is my honest opinion about this most fav eyeliner I have ever tried and I would like to hear your story and maybe some suggestion too?

Till then, I hope this post is helpful, and God bless^^






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