Overwhelmed by His love

Hi I just want to share what I got from my quiet time
its simple but “foundation”al, basic truths we need to keep in mind, as we progress in our journey with Him
so have fun reading and have a blessed time
Revelation for today:

1. God loves me unconditionally, and I receive His love
2. Everything that I “do” for Him must not be done by my self, but because of His Spirit
So why would I say, I want to please God? God already accepts and please with me the way I am, because of Jesus. And because of that great love and life He died for, i don’t want to constantly living for my self, no more of that. I’ve died to self and now living for God. And I want to make Him smile because of love, not because of fear of not getting His favor, not getting His blessing. I believe God wants to bless me, yet many times, He cannot bless me becoz of His love for me, He knew that if He bless me with that, i would be ashtray, miserable. Believe that His love for me is making Him not giving the things I want if its just going to do harm at me.
Prayer: Lord I want to please YOU because of love, and I love because YOU first loved me, so I receive Your love and favor, not getting it by works, but receive it by faith, coz without faith its impossible to please You, and keep growing WITH You. Teach me that Your love is perfect for me, and perfect love casts all fear. In Jesus Name. Amen
So its nothing such as ” I’m better than you” attitude, but it’s all because of His grace, and He can do everything with it, I don’t have any right to complain or even jealous, but i need to believe His grace is enough for me, His love for me is great enough to make Him died for me. Remember who you were and who you are in Christ right now, and keep blessing, thanking God for all He has done for you.
Trust His heart
God Bless

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