Review: Tony Moly Backstage Gel eyeliner

Hi guys, so happy to find out that my last post about VOV Goodbye Eyepender liquid liner was helpful. therefore I want to make a review today for one of the most hyped Korean product for gel eye liner. It is the Tony Moly Backstage gel liner.

Tony Moly sells this one with two kinds of packaging. the first one is like this

they provide the brush as well as the gel eyeliner, which I think its space occupying (hehe) because if you are like me, like bring your brush set with you when you travel, you dont need more eyeliner brush, since you already have it in your travel brush set right? and most people, I believe, prefer using their own picked brush, rather than using the one provided by the company. One more thing, the brush tends to get dry product over it, so it become stiff and, if you want to use it, then you must clean first

so I bought the version without brush, which is also cheaper (but the choice is depend on your needs tho)



I want to mention some of the things I like about this gel eyeliner:

1. Its easy to use

2. Cat eyes is definitely effortless with this

3. dries quickly

4. upper and lower lash line? both are okay


because the consistency is gel, its not as harsh as pencil liner nor like pen eyeliner, it’s softer and easier to create any line, bold or thin, so if you like to create cat eyes or winged liner like what I will show you in this post, it’s really really easy, and this is what I really like about this product. also it dries quickly so it doesn’t stain where it’s not supposed to be. I found that if I use liquid liner on someone who has hooded eyes, they have to keep their eyes closed until it dries, unless they want the eyeliner “transferred” to the hooded part of their eyelid which can create a big mess. yet if I use pencil or pen eyeliner (like nyx retractable eye liner) the product will smudge also to the hooded part of the eye and “fainting”, like by the end of the day you eyeliner will look more “transparent” :p

because of its texture, I also can use them for my lower lash line, simply by lining them with any product left on my brush after doing my upper lash. This is the only problem I have with my liquid liner (hix), because no matter how waterproof they are, I still cant manage to apply them nicely to my lower lash line, hence I need to use my pen eyeliner to “add” their lack.

what I dont like:

1. smudge after 5-6 hours wear

2. waterproof (?)

no more? yes no more, because of my eye contour (I dont know about double lidded person), my eyeliner will literally “stick” to my lower lid whenever I close my eyes. it doesnt stained them at first, but after 5-6 hours wear, the product starts to “fall out”. when I say fall out, it means that they start to get dusty, and its particles “dropped” to my lower lid, stain them, make me look like a panda….So right now, this eyeliner is definitely not my “go to” eyeliner, and I only use them when I know i’m just going to go for a short while, and when I am not exposed to much outdoor activities

also for the waterproof quality…. it’s not that good actually. I tried to use them when I was doing my exercise which means that I sweat a lot, also in the face. and tadahhh, they “fall out” even sooner and even worse…

but maybe for a little bit sprinkle of water, they still can hold to its “waterproof” claim

Soooo that’s that, this post is 100% based on my own experience and opinion with this eyeliner. Yet some people may find that this product is good for them, I’m happy for you guys then, and maybe this post can help someone to make up her mind whether to buy or not to buy this eyeliner….



Lots of Love and God Bless






3 thoughts on “Review: Tony Moly Backstage Gel eyeliner

  1. angchuongco says:

    It doesn’t smudge off as soon as you put it on, but smudges and fall out making me panda eyed. It’s not waterproof. Sweat alone will transfer the product to my lower lid, its a waste of money. Its so unlucky that where I live, I cant return the product.

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