Daily face Makeup Routine

These guys are my friends for daily makeup routine for face.

For skin care I use the Odbo Aqua sooting silky essence for day wear. It gives a very smooth feeling on your skin, and it moisturizes mine on daily basis without fail!
The Odbo is local Korean brand, and I can’t find their retail in Jakarta, but still can purchase it online tho. The price right mow I believe its 38.000 KRW, or about 36,6 U$D.
Quite expensive but really worth trying!

And for the night, SK II Facial treatment essence
Well, no explanation needed! Since I use this essence my face gradually become brighter but not pale, a natural healthy glow! But I also feel sorry for the price. They come in different size, and if you purchase the bigger one, well it is a bit cheaper than the smaller one.

BB cream: the Odbo
I like this BB cream coz it gives me a flawless natural finish,not too glowy so it wont make my face looks slick and oily, yet it looks healthy. I dont have too many acnes personally, so i’m not using some HD foundation, or even standard foundation for daily use.
I have tried another brand for BB cream, but this one from odbo is my fav, and definitely my go to BB cream for everyday use.
Price about 35 $

Finishing touch: Bare Minerals hydrating Mineral Veil
Super like this! I just bought them recently and turns out that I really like it! Becoz its mineral the loose powder feels so light, and they also got a little hint of glitter inside. The result: the powder “locked” my BB cream under it for 6-8 hours wear. And outside it gives a sheer of transparent veil (like it claims to be), not too glittery, but it makes my face bright, instead of dull.
I really recommend this finishing powder for daily wear, if you want to have a natural look, fresh, but not too overwhemingly out of place, but for “going to an event” look, or more glamorous look, I prefer to use my NYX HD mineral finishing powder, as they give more professional touch to my make up.

Thanks for reading, and till then!
God bless




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