What’s in my purse?

Hello guys, today I want to share what’s in my purse topic. Like many of the girls out there, we need some “weapons” to go and face our day right?
So here’s mine




Haha so actually there are two sections, the first (smaller) part I put (almost) all my eye makeups there and some lippy products…
They are:
3 types of eyeliner, depend on what look I am going to wear
1. Original Goodbye eyepender Vov liquid liner
2. Face it extreme bold pen eyeliner (the face shop)
3. Proof 10 retractable pen liner (etude house)

One eye primer: proof 10 eye primer (etude house)

3 lip glosses:
1. The face shop (the swirling lollipop tube)
2. The body shop peppermint lipgloss tube
3. Kissful tint choux number 04 by etude (love this! With the sweet flavour when u apply this baby!)

2 eyeshadow pen:
1. Nyx jumbo eye pencil in dark brown
2. Line nuance duo etude house number ?

One stick concealer: suprise stick concealer (etude house)
Nyx Auto eyebrow pencil

And ofcourse my oil absorbing paper ^^ which i seldom use coz my skin isnt oily, buttt who knows? Right? So bring it anyway. Hahaha

The lower part( bigger), I usually put some larger makeup products and accesories in there, so as you can see, i have my

2 maybelline color sensational in pink peony and nude colour
One lip balm from soothe
One handy comb from the body shop
My” angel” travel size from Thierry Mugler (love it to the max!)
One eyeshadow base from etude (a bit out of place, but welll, ahhaha)
neostrata ultra daytime smoothing cream ( I only use this when I’m traveling and in a hurry so I cant grab my odbo essence, just to moisturize my skin before any makeup on)
Dream on compact powder (etude house)
Lovely cookie blusher (etude house)
Small “panda” mirror
Tapered brush (masami shouko)
Maybelline eye and lip makeup remover



So that’s my “weapons” for daily basis, I would like to know what’s yours and your comments! Hehehe

So long! See you! And God bless!



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