Review: Real Techniques Core collection brush

Yayyy, finally back!

Are you guys having a wonderful week? Mine is. Hehe
Today I want to do a review on my newest brushes collection, which are the real techniques brushes. And I have to say, I totally recommend them.

I own the core collection, expert face brush and the blush brush, and they are pretty awesome! ( i will review the expert and blush brush in the next post)

First the core collection brush.
This set is a must have brush for daily face makeup routine, i would say. Why? You will see it in a second!

This set contains 4 brushes, they are:
1. The buffing brush

-dense bristles
– multi purpose: i use this for powder/liquid foundation and you can also use it for cream foundation, but need quite a work to make them streak free and give the airbrush finish. Since this brush is also good with powder based products, I also use them for my finishing powder, which I will just kind of stippling them to my skin after swirling and tapping all the excess powder. It works wonder, in my opinion.

How about blush or bronzing? Yes you can use it for that purpose too, and for me I use it in a stippling motion, to avoid having too many products on my face? But its still a very versatile brush which I definitely will grab when I travel and dont want to bring enormous stuff? Keep it simple, right?

2. The detailer brush

The smallest one in this set, it is very useful, i use it for adding some concealer to spot my acne, or applying more to cover the redness behind my nostrils, and finally just blend it with my fingers.
You can also use this for lipstick. Its sturdy so its easy to shape your lips using this brush, yet they are also quite flexible if you want to make a curve. So it depends on your preference

3. Pointed foundation brush
This! i use this to put concealer under my eyes to create a kim kardashian look, or I can use this for larger part I want to conceal. But I never use this for foundation, they are too small, and the result still needs to be blended with clean fingers….
But all in all its also a very multifunctional brush

4. Contouring brush
Love it! Perfect bristles! Perfect shape! Perfect amount!
Do you love to contour! This brush is for you! Precise, not overboard, yet still can blend the product easily to your foundation, powder, anything….
Definitely must try if I can’t sat you must have it!

One more thing! I love the packaging, which as the pic displays, very comfortable for traveling, also you can flip it so to have a standing make up brush holder. Very multitasking!

So thats my views about this set and I love them. i would like to know what’s yours? Do you feel the same, or you feel nayyyy?

Feel free to leave a comment, or give me suggestions, or anything! Haha

Hope this is helpful and see you later!
God bless







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