Urban Decay Naked 2 Review

Hi guys, it’s been a while since I posted review of makeup products I have.

this time I want to share of this palette. I know there are already a bunch of reviews out there about this palette, yet just because I do this as a hobby, I will let you guys know my personal opinion about this palette.
So UD Naked 2 has 12 shades, and 9 of them are shimmery, meanwhile 3 are matte.
These are the swatch, and I use no primer to do this:
from right to left (blackout-busted-YDK-verve-pistol-suspect-snakebite-tease-chopper-bootycall-halfbaked-foxy)
the foxy one isn’t visible on my skin tone (sorry 0.0)
all of the matte shades are wonderful consistency, and really great for blending purposes. I use the taupe colored almost everytime I do my eyemakeup, since it blends so well, and I personally think, this color match any eyeshadow color that you wear, although it might related to your skin tone though, as it can look a bit muddy (I think) for darker skin tones.
as far as I concern, the snakebites and verve, and YDK is the most buttery^^
the first color in this palette, FOXY, is a really great highlight color for under brow bone area.
I also use the shade ” ” to highlight, but since it has shimmer in it, now I only use it to highlight my inner corner and my half-inner lower lash line, instead of under my brow bone.
for the outer part of my eye makeup for daily look smokey eye, I use BUSTED and SNAKEBITE almost everytime I use this palette. usually I use the snakebite for day look, as for the night look I prefer something darker and more contrast color eyeshadow, which I found in shade Busted.
BLACKOUT also a good shade for doing intense smokey eye, and you can use this as a finishing touch for your eyeliner, as a finishing touch after putting a kohl eyeliner, to make it more long lasting ^^
My skin tone is neutral, with a little bit tendency to cooler tones. That’s why I think this naked 2 suits me better than the naked 1 palette.
I also prefer to wear more cooler tones eyeshadow such as YDK, or HALFBAKED color.
I personally found that color CHOPPER is the least used shade in this palette. and I do have complain about the shade HALFBAKED as it has many fallouts, so you need to tap them on before applying it.
but overall, this palette is very good and although the price is a bit “ehm” yet I personally say that it’s worthed
PS, I also made a little bit of variation, since I personallly don’t like the UD named the shade, haha, I just think if I said I wear “busted”, it doesn’t sound nice.
i know this might look silly, but I prefer to say “I wear love, patient, etc etc, whenever I do my make up with this palette…
-look at the cute guy at the bottom right- XD
okay so that’s my opinion and how I use this palette personally and my preferences to wear some of the shades here, and feel free to comment below ^^
Till then
God bless

4 thoughts on “Urban Decay Naked 2 Review

    • lucyanaalim says:

      Yeah naked 3 also have a great range of pink tone colours, but lorac unzipped is another alternative since the palette offers kinda similar eyeshadow tone.. And thanks for visiting by, gotta check your blog later^^ love…

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