Review: Too Faced: NO Make up Make Up face

okay so this is the first too faced product I got and this is what it’s looks like:

Too Faced The secret to No makeup Makeup

Too Faced
The secret to No makeup Makeup

ever since I bought this at sephora singapore, I can’t wait to lay my hands on another too faced product, coz they are sooooo good in quality, except for the price.. it’s pricey T-T.. I Bought this in 52 SGD

so there are 6 items in this palette, and this is I think the most have palette for travel, coz it does what it says, to make you look without wearing any make up on, but still look so glowy and fresh
I will tell you what I mean
but before: here are the swatches:



they have:
1 bronzing veil
this is my most favourite product in this palette. the tone is perfect for my fair asian skin tone. it has a little bit of shimmer within, but don’t worry, it’s so transparent and just the perfect amount for adding all over glow for the face.
and since too faced always come with steps for 3 looks you can create with their palette, you can try their suggested looks but still practicing and playing with your own creative desire ^^

1 creme blush
i was first very skeptical with this kind of blush because, I think it will make a blot/dot on your cheek, and since it’s sticky so it would be hard to blend them along with your other makeup products. but I find that this isnt the case with this blush. I can’t tell how this creme blush is so easy to blend, and it gives very beautiful color on your cheek It’s just the nice healthy, pinkish glow. and to be honest, I prefer using this other than the powder blush that comes along within this palette.
when I first swatched it, I think it look soooo pink, it won’t look natural, but I’m glad it turns out to be the opposite

1 powder blush
okay so this is just typical powder blush, but its so pigmented, so I need to use it light handedly, and build up the color instead just buffing them all over my cheek. other than that, it’s good quality, of course….

1 concealer
this is a cream based concealer, just a typical concealer you can use to cover any blemishes. it can get drier when I haven’t use it for a while. but it’s okay and enough for daily basis

1 luminizer
my second favourite product in this palette. basicallly it performs the function of a highlight, so I use it for my cheek bone, cupid’s bow, tip of my nose, on my upper brow line, just to accentuate bony part and add dimension to my face. since it’s “no make up” face, so it wont end up tooo shiny, but just a nice glowy finish

1 brightener
I use this for under eye, to imitate the famous “kim kardashian look”, and it does a good job on that.

so I think that’s it for the review. and I also want to mention that I really appreciate too faced come out with 3 simple examples on how to use their palettes, coz if you’re a beginner and happen to buy this kind of face palette, it can be a little confusing on which one should I wear first, and where. and too faced gives you not only the looks, but the STEPS. like: 1 use concealer to cover the redness of the nose, second use luminizer to the upper part of your cheek bone… maybe you can see this picture for more information, and to give you more explanation, about what I’m saying

3 steps too faced no makeup

yeah, overall I’m pretty satisfied with this palette, and would repurchase it again if I run out of this.

rating: 4.5/5

Hope this post helpful

God bless


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