Your cross = BRIDGE to GLORY

One day, a man said to his two servants, “I have stored all wealth, uncountable gems, gold up there in the peak of the mountain, but you must climb up this mountain first so you can reach the peak. But you must carry this cross to the peak, I have given you the same sized, same weighted cross. It won’t be easy, it will be tough, but if you make it, then you will receive those rewards.”

Both of the servants agreed to take the cross with them to climb up the mountain. the first one said “this cross is very heavy, I need to rest a bit, eat, and then I will regain my strength to continue with my journey”, the secon one said to himself “why must I carry this heavy thing. Ah I know, I’m gonna cut this cross down a bit. besides, no one will notice, and our master told nothing about we’re not able to cut down this load a bit.” then the first one take a rest, and the second one cut it down, and they continue the journey.
the journey was getting harder and harder, the climb gets more steep, the road gets more rocky, the the second time the first one said to himself, “this is getting too hard for me, I need to rest down to regain my power to continue”, meanwhile the second one said “I don’t think the first cut is enough to lighten my load, I’m going to cut a little bit more”… then they continue walking
The wind was so strong and hot, the sun is sitting on top of their head, they got thirsty, tired, and think this was too much to bear, they just want to stop, but somehow the second one looked more cheerful than the first, he was not as tired as the first one. the first one said to himself “This is too hard, I’m so tired, I need to stop here for a while, yet I don’t know why my friend looked as he is not as tired as I am.” and so he asked the second “why do you look stronger than I am? we’re both on the same journey, facing same obstacles, carrying same load, but somehow you just not as exhausted as I am?” The second said to himself “That’s because I’m smart and you’re dumb, you never think of cutting off the cross. I know, I’m going to cut it even more, so things will get easier for me to finish this journey”, but he said to the first “no, i’m just as tired as you”. then they continues until at last they reach the peak of the mountain.
to their surprise, there was no gold, jewels, not such things at all, only a very steep cliff between them and the opposite side of the mountain. But wait, they see something. On top of the opposite mountain, they saw their master, with all the moeny, gold, gems, wealth, anything they could ask for…..
But, how can they cross the cliff to go to the other part of the mountain whew their master waited for them?
The first one said, “ah I know, I’m gonna use this cross as a bridge to cross this cliff so I can get where my master is”, and so he did. the master said to the second one, “come my servant, use your cross just as your friend use it to cross from there to here, I have all you can ever need and ask for here!” Yet when the second one  tried to lay the cross down, turned out that it was too short to cross. The end cannot reach the other part of the mountain…
When we are faced with troubles, burdens, don’t ask God to make your burden easier, to cut down your cross. Instead ask Him to give you more strength, more wisdom, more patience, to help you finish your journey. When He gives you “cross”, He meant it for your glory, He wants us to pass our test and give us the glory and rewards He already stored. Yet, when we keep trying to cut down our cross, we can ended up being not able to cross and enjoy all the good things He already prepared. Remember, every time we’re tempted to pray “God take this load off of me, this is too much for me, I can’t bear it, make it easier please”, change it to “God I know this is not easy, but this cross I must bear is the bridge to all the glory You have prepared, so help me God, give me more strength to endure it, and to finish it with joy, to please You all the way. I can’t do it on my own, but I know You are with me, helping me all the way.”
Finish strong
God bless

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