Review: Too Faced: NO Make up Make Up face

okay so this is the first too faced product I got and this is what it’s looks like:

Too Faced The secret to No makeup Makeup

Too Faced
The secret to No makeup Makeup

ever since I bought this at sephora singapore, I can’t wait to lay my hands on another too faced product, coz they are sooooo good in quality, except for the price.. it’s pricey T-T.. I Bought this in 52 SGD

so there are 6 items in this palette, and this is I think the most have palette for travel, coz it does what it says, to make you look without wearing any make up on, but still look so glowy and fresh
I will tell you what I mean
but before: here are the swatches:



they have:
1 bronzing veil
this is my most favourite product in this palette. the tone is perfect for my fair asian skin tone. it has a little bit of shimmer within, but don’t worry, it’s so transparent and just the perfect amount for adding all over glow for the face.
and since too faced always come with steps for 3 looks you can create with their palette, you can try their suggested looks but still practicing and playing with your own creative desire ^^

1 creme blush
i was first very skeptical with this kind of blush because, I think it will make a blot/dot on your cheek, and since it’s sticky so it would be hard to blend them along with your other makeup products. but I find that this isnt the case with this blush. I can’t tell how this creme blush is so easy to blend, and it gives very beautiful color on your cheek It’s just the nice healthy, pinkish glow. and to be honest, I prefer using this other than the powder blush that comes along within this palette.
when I first swatched it, I think it look soooo pink, it won’t look natural, but I’m glad it turns out to be the opposite

1 powder blush
okay so this is just typical powder blush, but its so pigmented, so I need to use it light handedly, and build up the color instead just buffing them all over my cheek. other than that, it’s good quality, of course….

1 concealer
this is a cream based concealer, just a typical concealer you can use to cover any blemishes. it can get drier when I haven’t use it for a while. but it’s okay and enough for daily basis

1 luminizer
my second favourite product in this palette. basicallly it performs the function of a highlight, so I use it for my cheek bone, cupid’s bow, tip of my nose, on my upper brow line, just to accentuate bony part and add dimension to my face. since it’s “no make up” face, so it wont end up tooo shiny, but just a nice glowy finish

1 brightener
I use this for under eye, to imitate the famous “kim kardashian look”, and it does a good job on that.

so I think that’s it for the review. and I also want to mention that I really appreciate too faced come out with 3 simple examples on how to use their palettes, coz if you’re a beginner and happen to buy this kind of face palette, it can be a little confusing on which one should I wear first, and where. and too faced gives you not only the looks, but the STEPS. like: 1 use concealer to cover the redness of the nose, second use luminizer to the upper part of your cheek bone… maybe you can see this picture for more information, and to give you more explanation, about what I’m saying

3 steps too faced no makeup

yeah, overall I’m pretty satisfied with this palette, and would repurchase it again if I run out of this.

rating: 4.5/5

Hope this post helpful

God bless

Day time look

Hi there, today I wanted to share the look for daily purpose. It can be used with or without the eye make up, coz when I’m lazy I just take time to put the face make up and that’s it, but in case when I have more preparation time, I also do my eyes.

I create this look using lorac pro palette, my odbo bb cream, too faced “the secret to No makeup makeup”, and bare minerals Mineral veil.

I always do my eye make up first, and after that my face makeup. why? because when I do eye makeup, the powdery shadow tend to drop on my cheek, and it will stain my complete make up face.. Hiks, so eye make up first is definitely a better option…

For this look I use pewter, espresso, mauve, nude and white for the brow bone.
Photo 2014-07-11 11.18.54 PM

before putting eyeshadow, I use the etude house proof 10 primer. This is definitely the more affordable option rather than UDPP (urban decay primer potion) since the price is only about 6-7 USD.

1. I use pewter for my whole lid area, until it covers my whole lid area
2. Add espresso on the 1/3 outer corner of the lid, and slightly pulled the upper part using crease brush, to create a wedged shaped shadow
3. Blur any harsh line using middle tone eye shadow color “mauve” in the crease area and slightly higher to the lower part of brow bone (do not cover entire brow bone until it reaches the eye brow, since it’s the place for highlighter)
4. Use white as a highlight color for the brow bone
5. Using a flat line brush, I use the same “espresso” color to 1/2 of my lower lash line, start from the outer corner to the middle of the pupil
6. To make my eyes brighter, I use “nude” in the inner part of my eyes, and inner 1/2 part of my lower lash line
7. Eye brow, I just use my maybelline master brow in grey color (not sure if it’s the right name for it) to shape mine…
8. for eye liner I use my VOV original eyepender 24 hr waterproof eye liner (Really good one)

Voila… eye make up is done

Next, I start my face make up using my smash box photo foundation primer to create a “base” for my entire face make up sit a lot longer on my face
then I use real techniques Expert face brush (very soft and nice, and recommended) and just buff my odbo BB cream. The BB cream blends to my face and skin tone very well. evens out any slight discoloration, therefore my skin tone.

Then I use my Too Faced No make up make up. I just recently purchased it and love it to the max. I will make a different section to review this amazing product.

on top of my BB cream, I…
literally just try to follow the instructions provided in the palette.

Too Faced The secret to No makeup Makeup

Too Faced
The secret to No makeup Makeup


Too Faced always comes up with 3 simple instructions to create your look...^^

Too Faced always comes up with 3 simple instructions to create your look…^^

You can just use finger to blend in the cream products, but for the powder based porducts, Some brush will be needed

So, I just want to share the tool I used to puth them on, that I found helpful to create the desired look
1. to “conceal” I use my concealer brush, and evens the product to my skin using only fingers to tap lightly
2. for “brighten” and “luminize” I use Real techniques pointed foundation brush. This is too small for applying foundation, but I think perfect for cream based products, taht you need to put on in a “not too precise” spot in your face
3. Bronzing veil is one of my most fav product in this palette. It’s not too brown, or muddy or what. It may look very light. but it really gives you the nice, face curve, with a little hint of sun kissed glow. LOVE it
I use my “blush brush” from real techniques, which is one of my favourite brush so far, and just swipe swipe swipe…
4. Next is the blush, I use “stippling brush” to put a little amount of creme blush in the apple of my cheek and blend is upward. If using a stippling brush won’t provide a good “fusion” between blush and the rest of my make up, I like to use the “buffing brush” from real techniques (again), just to buff and buff and buff, until I see them blend to my heart desire
5. Last, I use my “bare minerals “mineral veil” to set any cream/liquid based products on my face. I absolutely love this “veil” because it does what it claims to…. Gives you a very smooth finish look, without being CAKEY AT ALL!!!. they just make your face glow even more, and set your make up to last at least for 12 hours for normal to dry combination skin like mine… Maybe if you’re oily then you need to touch up every 6/8 hours..
Photo 2014-07-11 11.29.49 PM

and voila… I’m done…
This is the final look
I hope you enjoy reading and feel free to comment ^^
God bless

Urban Decay Naked 2 Review

Hi guys, it’s been a while since I posted review of makeup products I have.

this time I want to share of this palette. I know there are already a bunch of reviews out there about this palette, yet just because I do this as a hobby, I will let you guys know my personal opinion about this palette.
So UD Naked 2 has 12 shades, and 9 of them are shimmery, meanwhile 3 are matte.
These are the swatch, and I use no primer to do this:
from right to left (blackout-busted-YDK-verve-pistol-suspect-snakebite-tease-chopper-bootycall-halfbaked-foxy)
the foxy one isn’t visible on my skin tone (sorry 0.0)
all of the matte shades are wonderful consistency, and really great for blending purposes. I use the taupe colored almost everytime I do my eyemakeup, since it blends so well, and I personally think, this color match any eyeshadow color that you wear, although it might related to your skin tone though, as it can look a bit muddy (I think) for darker skin tones.
as far as I concern, the snakebites and verve, and YDK is the most buttery^^
the first color in this palette, FOXY, is a really great highlight color for under brow bone area.
I also use the shade ” ” to highlight, but since it has shimmer in it, now I only use it to highlight my inner corner and my half-inner lower lash line, instead of under my brow bone.
for the outer part of my eye makeup for daily look smokey eye, I use BUSTED and SNAKEBITE almost everytime I use this palette. usually I use the snakebite for day look, as for the night look I prefer something darker and more contrast color eyeshadow, which I found in shade Busted.
BLACKOUT also a good shade for doing intense smokey eye, and you can use this as a finishing touch for your eyeliner, as a finishing touch after putting a kohl eyeliner, to make it more long lasting ^^
My skin tone is neutral, with a little bit tendency to cooler tones. That’s why I think this naked 2 suits me better than the naked 1 palette.
I also prefer to wear more cooler tones eyeshadow such as YDK, or HALFBAKED color.
I personally found that color CHOPPER is the least used shade in this palette. and I do have complain about the shade HALFBAKED as it has many fallouts, so you need to tap them on before applying it.
but overall, this palette is very good and although the price is a bit “ehm” yet I personally say that it’s worthed
PS, I also made a little bit of variation, since I personallly don’t like the UD named the shade, haha, I just think if I said I wear “busted”, it doesn’t sound nice.
i know this might look silly, but I prefer to say “I wear love, patient, etc etc, whenever I do my make up with this palette…
-look at the cute guy at the bottom right- XD
okay so that’s my opinion and how I use this palette personally and my preferences to wear some of the shades here, and feel free to comment below ^^
Till then
God bless

Review: Real Techniques Core collection brush

Yayyy, finally back!

Are you guys having a wonderful week? Mine is. Hehe
Today I want to do a review on my newest brushes collection, which are the real techniques brushes. And I have to say, I totally recommend them.

I own the core collection, expert face brush and the blush brush, and they are pretty awesome! ( i will review the expert and blush brush in the next post)

First the core collection brush.
This set is a must have brush for daily face makeup routine, i would say. Why? You will see it in a second!

This set contains 4 brushes, they are:
1. The buffing brush

-dense bristles
– multi purpose: i use this for powder/liquid foundation and you can also use it for cream foundation, but need quite a work to make them streak free and give the airbrush finish. Since this brush is also good with powder based products, I also use them for my finishing powder, which I will just kind of stippling them to my skin after swirling and tapping all the excess powder. It works wonder, in my opinion.

How about blush or bronzing? Yes you can use it for that purpose too, and for me I use it in a stippling motion, to avoid having too many products on my face? But its still a very versatile brush which I definitely will grab when I travel and dont want to bring enormous stuff? Keep it simple, right?

2. The detailer brush

The smallest one in this set, it is very useful, i use it for adding some concealer to spot my acne, or applying more to cover the redness behind my nostrils, and finally just blend it with my fingers.
You can also use this for lipstick. Its sturdy so its easy to shape your lips using this brush, yet they are also quite flexible if you want to make a curve. So it depends on your preference

3. Pointed foundation brush
This! i use this to put concealer under my eyes to create a kim kardashian look, or I can use this for larger part I want to conceal. But I never use this for foundation, they are too small, and the result still needs to be blended with clean fingers….
But all in all its also a very multifunctional brush

4. Contouring brush
Love it! Perfect bristles! Perfect shape! Perfect amount!
Do you love to contour! This brush is for you! Precise, not overboard, yet still can blend the product easily to your foundation, powder, anything….
Definitely must try if I can’t sat you must have it!

One more thing! I love the packaging, which as the pic displays, very comfortable for traveling, also you can flip it so to have a standing make up brush holder. Very multitasking!

So thats my views about this set and I love them. i would like to know what’s yours? Do you feel the same, or you feel nayyyy?

Feel free to leave a comment, or give me suggestions, or anything! Haha

Hope this is helpful and see you later!
God bless






What’s in my purse?

Hello guys, today I want to share what’s in my purse topic. Like many of the girls out there, we need some “weapons” to go and face our day right?
So here’s mine




Haha so actually there are two sections, the first (smaller) part I put (almost) all my eye makeups there and some lippy products…
They are:
3 types of eyeliner, depend on what look I am going to wear
1. Original Goodbye eyepender Vov liquid liner
2. Face it extreme bold pen eyeliner (the face shop)
3. Proof 10 retractable pen liner (etude house)

One eye primer: proof 10 eye primer (etude house)

3 lip glosses:
1. The face shop (the swirling lollipop tube)
2. The body shop peppermint lipgloss tube
3. Kissful tint choux number 04 by etude (love this! With the sweet flavour when u apply this baby!)

2 eyeshadow pen:
1. Nyx jumbo eye pencil in dark brown
2. Line nuance duo etude house number ?

One stick concealer: suprise stick concealer (etude house)
Nyx Auto eyebrow pencil

And ofcourse my oil absorbing paper ^^ which i seldom use coz my skin isnt oily, buttt who knows? Right? So bring it anyway. Hahaha

The lower part( bigger), I usually put some larger makeup products and accesories in there, so as you can see, i have my

2 maybelline color sensational in pink peony and nude colour
One lip balm from soothe
One handy comb from the body shop
My” angel” travel size from Thierry Mugler (love it to the max!)
One eyeshadow base from etude (a bit out of place, but welll, ahhaha)
neostrata ultra daytime smoothing cream ( I only use this when I’m traveling and in a hurry so I cant grab my odbo essence, just to moisturize my skin before any makeup on)
Dream on compact powder (etude house)
Lovely cookie blusher (etude house)
Small “panda” mirror
Tapered brush (masami shouko)
Maybelline eye and lip makeup remover



So that’s my “weapons” for daily basis, I would like to know what’s yours and your comments! Hehehe

So long! See you! And God bless!


Daily face Makeup Routine

These guys are my friends for daily makeup routine for face.

For skin care I use the Odbo Aqua sooting silky essence for day wear. It gives a very smooth feeling on your skin, and it moisturizes mine on daily basis without fail!
The Odbo is local Korean brand, and I can’t find their retail in Jakarta, but still can purchase it online tho. The price right mow I believe its 38.000 KRW, or about 36,6 U$D.
Quite expensive but really worth trying!

And for the night, SK II Facial treatment essence
Well, no explanation needed! Since I use this essence my face gradually become brighter but not pale, a natural healthy glow! But I also feel sorry for the price. They come in different size, and if you purchase the bigger one, well it is a bit cheaper than the smaller one.

BB cream: the Odbo
I like this BB cream coz it gives me a flawless natural finish,not too glowy so it wont make my face looks slick and oily, yet it looks healthy. I dont have too many acnes personally, so i’m not using some HD foundation, or even standard foundation for daily use.
I have tried another brand for BB cream, but this one from odbo is my fav, and definitely my go to BB cream for everyday use.
Price about 35 $

Finishing touch: Bare Minerals hydrating Mineral Veil
Super like this! I just bought them recently and turns out that I really like it! Becoz its mineral the loose powder feels so light, and they also got a little hint of glitter inside. The result: the powder “locked” my BB cream under it for 6-8 hours wear. And outside it gives a sheer of transparent veil (like it claims to be), not too glittery, but it makes my face bright, instead of dull.
I really recommend this finishing powder for daily wear, if you want to have a natural look, fresh, but not too overwhemingly out of place, but for “going to an event” look, or more glamorous look, I prefer to use my NYX HD mineral finishing powder, as they give more professional touch to my make up.

Thanks for reading, and till then!
God bless